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October/Halloween Contest by :iconjasmo:

A cargo ship carrying some Xeno eggs got caught in an asteroid field, took damage and had to crash land on the nearest moon. Because of the damage most of the eggs the ship was carrying were lost and spread around. We need to find 35 eggs before they hatch on October 31st!

:bulletgreen: All of the eggs will be hidden within the groups below as links. Each egg is labeled with a number and you must collect all the links!(we need to hide the eggs so don't worry if you can't find them all today or this weekend)

:bulletgreen: To let us know you found the eggs please send a note to A-Predator-Fanverse with all of the links you found. Do not share link locations with others!

:star:All eggs must be found by October 31st!:star: Find the hidden links in these groups!



:bulletblue: 1st: 400pts + art from Jasmo +chibi with food commission
:bulletblue: 2nd: 200pts + art from Jasmo + poem or short story
:bulletblue: 3rd: 100pts + art from Jasmo

Additional prizes are welcome to be donated. ^_^
Predator/Aliens Holiday Contest

:star: Contest runs November 3rd to January 1st!

:bulletgreen: Make up a holiday for Yautja/Xenomorphs that means as much to them as our major/important holidays mean to us.

:bulletred: If you need inspiration look at all the world's cultures to see what kinds of things others celebrate. Maybe choose a culture you know nothing about if you get really stuck. If you need inspiration for the Xeno side I highly recommend reading

Mature Content

:bulletgreen: Art and literature is accepted for this contest and anyone from any group can participate.

:bulletred: Winners will be announced January 3rd!


:bulletgreen: 1st Place: 500:points: + Fully colored piece by Jasmo
:bulletred: 2nd Place: 300:points: + Colored lines by Jasmo
:bulletgreen: 3rd Place: 200:points: + Colored sketch Jasmo

:bulletred: Honorable Mention #1 + sketch by Jasmo
:bulletgreen: Honorable Mention #2 + sketch Jasmo
:bulletred: Honorable Mention #3 + sketch by Jasmo

:star: If you would like to submit your entry, be a judge or donate prizes please let Jasmo know either in the comments or sending her a note.

Heya everybody!

Two Kickstarters running right now creating a lot of buzz:

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Both projets are INCREDIBLE and synergize wonderfully! Hit 'em while you can!

:iconthe-horror-club: is holding a Halloween costume contest open for all of our affiliate groups members. We'd greatly appreciate if you could promote the contest.

We're also looking for people to donate prizes. Be it points, features, commissions or whatever you might think of. The names of those who donates prizes will be featured in our blog on the groups front page. All who donates also gets to be guest judges in the contest.

Here's more info about the contest:…
Al right dear members, from now on YOU have to chose witch folder you submit your work! Featured folder won't be avalible from now on, you have to submit you art in the right folders. So please try to do it properly, don't submit things in random folders.

This is all I wanted to say, so keep up the good work everyone! ^^